Silver Cords

Centerville High School

The Silver Cord Program is a graduation incentive program to promote volunteerism in the Centerville Area. Centerville High School seniors who volunteer a minimum of 200 hours throughout their high school career will graduate with a silver cord and be eligible to compete for a $500–$1,000 scholarship provided by the Centerville-Rathbun Lake Area Chamber of Commerce.


To create opportunities for students to contribute to schools and community organizations in a responsible way

To get students to give of themselves by helping others, thus building their citizenship skills and fostering caring relationships with those around them

To enhance and grow self-confidence within students

To assist students in developing and participating in important community projects that will enhance their education and career prospects


The mission of the Silver Cord Program is to involve students as effective communicators, responsible citizens and skilled problem solvers in a valued partnership with a successful, growing community